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Cloud-Based Child Care Management Solution

Easy Reporting

Increase efficiency, accuracy, and growth with robust management and reporting features.

Parent Engagement

Empower parents and teachers with seamless communications, connectivity, and visibility.

Optimize Workflows

Save time by reducing paperwork and automating daily tasks and chores.

Increase Sales

Increase revenue with in-house, automatic tuition processing.

The Classroom App

  • Contemporary, Easy-to-Use
  • Daily Sheet Documentation for Meals, Naps, etc
  • Observations & Assessments

Missy Okrusch

"LifeCubby is a great tool to connect parents to the school. It is also a great way to show parents what their children are learning. One of my favorite parts is being able to look at my attendance at the school for every moment!"

Early Childhood School Director, King's Kids Childcare

Sherry Pomeroy

"We have been using LifeCubby for a couple of years now. We use it in our infant and toddler classrooms. The staff love the ease of reporting. The parents love that they can see things their child does as well as see reporting during the day."

Northfield Presbyterian Church Day Care


LifeCubby is Aligned, Approved, Awarded, and Recognized as the Industry Leader

LifeCubby propels your business to increase profitability through secure tuition payments, streamlined communications, and powerful management tools.

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Lesson Plans

Keep families and teachers up-to-date on future activities using LifeCubby's calendar and lesson planner.

Manage student tuition logs for your child care center with automated recurring billing.

Billing and Payments

LifeCubby's affordable child care software is the BEST VALUE in the industry. Get your free demo today!

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See Why ECE Centers All Over the World Use LifeCubby

LifeCubby's affordable child care software is the BEST VALUE in the industry. 

Get your free demo today!

Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use

Trusted by Reputable Child Care Providers:

What sets us apart

Trusted by Reputable Child Care Providers:



Available on Android and iOS.

Manage My Program

  • Manage Enrollments, Vacancies & Waitlist
  • Secure Billing & Payments
  • Powerful Reports & Business Analytics

for Teachers

The Family App

  • Live Daily Sheets
  • Direct Messaging with Teachers
  • Secure Tuition Payments



The Classroom App

  • Contemporary & Easy to Use
  • Daily Sheet Documentation for Meals, Naps, etc..
  • Observations & Assessments

for Teachers




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